6 thoughts on “Thoughts about learning

  1. I agree. Sometimes when I’m studying I’m not thinking about what I’m studying; I’m thinking about something else so I don’t remember what I just read, so I did it all for nothing and wasted my time.

    I have to go back and re-study it. If we are thinking hard about something and don’t learn anything from it it’s for nothing.

  2. Yes I completely agree, there is absolutely no point in one without the other, they go hand in hand and work best that way.

    I have the same problem as Lisa. Sometimes when I read something it doesn’t go in so I have to go back and re-read it, so I actually remember what I read!

    1. I work that way too sometimes, particularly when I’m tired or I’m trying too hard to take something in.

      The end result of how and what we learn is always more important. As long as we learn, I feel that is most important.

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