6 thoughts on “Today’s decisions

  1. I’ll certainly try to practice this discipline of mind control, but yesterday’s state of mind can follow you like a shadow.

    Nice Quote.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right. Yesterday’s state of mind usually does follow us if we let it. If we say what we feel then there should be no reason why any one of us should carry yesterday’s thoughts.

      I tend to buy into the philosophy that a new day should bring with it new thoughts and new decisions on those new thoughts. Personally I tend to let go emotionally of the things I know I can’t control that would hurt me more and deal with the things I know I can, so that I get my resolve.

      That usually works for me.

    1. It is sound advice, but advice that isn’t easy always easy to achieve.

      It took me many years to master the art of letting go, so that my decisions weren’t based on yesterday’s thoughts.

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