4 thoughts on “Truth and lies

  1. Very true. Anything said with bad intentions is best left unsaid, whereas sometime we find ourselves in a difficult position of considering a lie for good intentions which I believe can be justified.

    1. I absolutely agree with this. Yes, rather tell a little white lie for good intentions, rather than hurt someone’s feelings.

      Having just gone through an experience, where someone who lives close to me, said something with bad intentions, I absolutely agree with this.

      However, if someone says something from the heart, even if it is critical, but they say it out of concern for their own health it is important we listen and try to help them.

      There is no place where it is acceptable to bad mouth someone, because that person is being affected by something we’re doing and they choose to say something.

  2. People who exploit the truth like that have a need to defend their insecurities and feed their insignificance. It’s a predator kind of action as far as I’m concerned.

    Some things are better left unsaid, as Brad eloquently put it.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree. I think more of us should engage our thoughts before we speak. Rather engage our thoughts and decide whether what we’re about to say is kind.

      What I find sad is that more people are now exploiting the truth for bad intent and for their own gains. It’s also obvious when they do it.

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