6 thoughts on “Waves of change

  1. I certainly agree with this quote and have often said that sometimes things need a little shake up to clear the way for better things.

    We do get complacent and familiar with where we are and I agree good things can come from much needed change.

    1. Ditto on your thoughts. I also sometimes think that a change of direction is good, just for change sake to try something new, but appreciate some people will probably go through their lives without changing anything.

      Some of us are also genuinely happier with more familiar circumstances.

  2. I usually don’t like change. Once things get going one way, I like for it to stay that way. For example, with my son we have a certain routine and we like it. Now that we have CNA’s coming in, I show them how we do things.

    Occasionally they may change things for some reason and I’ll have to re-orient them to the way we do it. It really does bother me when things get out of sorts.

    I see change as being good in some aspects of life. Some times my husband and I will go and play golf together and that’s a change for us from just sitting at home doing nothing.

    1. Thanks Lisa. As a child I wasn’t good with change either, but as the adult I am okay with change. I see change as an opportunity for growth. Without change I’m not sure how we will learn to grow emotionally.

      With your own circumstances I can see why change wouldn’t be a good idea. Your son deals with so much already, so to bring more change into his routine would confuse him even more. I agree it would be important for you to keep things the same.

      I also agree that in some aspects of life change is good. Inevitable sometimes.

  3. I’ve spent the majority of my life being with waves of change that tossed me about like a rowboat in a hurricane!

    We learned how to survive but not how to really live. I don’t deal with change very well now and have actually come to prefer having certain things stay the same.

    I’ve gotten used to not having a lot of chaos in my life which is actually kind of nice!

    1. I would say it’s okay to have some things stay the same Randy. More people will thrive on the things they are familiar with, than having to work through change.

      I love your last sentence and am pleased you feel that you have less chaos in your life now. I can see how that would be so nice. It’s something I try to work on every day.

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