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Today marks the official change with the old theme that initially kicked off The CP Diary on the 17th May 2010 now being consigned to the history books, with a new upgrade which isn’t dissimilar to the old one.

As well as all the behind the scene enhancements, it is now cell, mobile and tablet friendly, with perfect viewing for those on the move. It is also friendly provisionally impaired. I hope you will all enjoy and continue to support the site and by doing so helping us to support one another.

11 Jul, 2017

12 thoughts on “Website upgrade

  1. Cool! I’ve used my phone and tablet to go on site before and it wasn’t difficult, but I had some issues mainly with the visual aspect. I wear reading glasses for reading and for looking at my phone or tablet.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Before the upgrade, finding and working my site on a cell phone didn’t really work, but having tried it now, it works brilliantly.

      Obviously wearing glasses if we need glasses is always better, whether it’s for reading, or close work on a desktop, laptop, cell or tablet.

  2. Yes,I think it looks great seeing as the changes are minor. I only noticed, because I’m analytical like that and tend to notice when things change more than most people.

    I don’t normally deal well with changes, even when they’re for the better, but I’m learning how to do that and kind of need to, seeing as life changes so quickly.

    I grew up in a world where we were forced to deal with so many changes that we didn’t have control, enough to give a person a sense of that learned hopelessness, which makes life hardly worth living.

    I’m dealing with the possibilities of changes beyond my control once again, but they maybe for the better, so I’m torn as always on how to handle them.

    My biggest dilemma is learning what I can change and to not worry so much about the things I can’t. There is a big difference.

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m glad you like the change. Yes you’re right, there is a big difference, but then why live with ‘what ifs.’

      Nothing is ever wrong if you’re already thinking it’s right then it must be okay. And if you find out at a later date that it’s not okay, then you can always change your mind.

      If there is one certainty in life it’s that things change, nothing stays the same, including people, but we must be that change.

  3. I really like the upgraded site. It’s subtly different and more modern looking and I’m sure it’s not my imagination much quicker to navigate around too.

    I had a look at it on my mobile phone and the site is so much better to view now. Congrats on the new site and I’m sure it will go from strength to strength.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I hope so. It’s not something I take for granted. I have to continue to work on making it successful. I love the upgrade. Here’s to many more successful years.

  4. I always have had to use my phone and this new update, makes it so very much easier and more accessible than before. Thank you very much Ilana!

    1. Awww thanks Tim. I have lovely people like you to thank. I couldn’t do what I do without you. The CP Diary has and will always be a team effort. We support each other through the journey, I call ‘life.’

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