What our clothes say about us?

How many of us choose our wardrobe around our moods? Do you wear certain clothes for a certain day or do you wear clothes to hide how you feel? Does what you wear leave a lasting impression?

We should dress to feel good. Clothes express our personalities, so we should enjoy showing off how we feel. Whether we dress for comfort, for style or for convenience, we need to be comfortable with our choice and feel good about how we look and feeling good of course gives us more confidence.

11 Jun, 2011

8 thoughts on “What our clothes say about us?

  1. I agree with everything you have said here. If I am in a certain mood I tend to wear certain clothes. I am a casual dresser by nature so when I do get dressed up people notice.

    1. I totally agree with you back. I used to get dressed up more than I do now, but even when I do dress up, people don’t always notice, although my mother used to and would often acknowledge that I was.

  2. I agree with you guys. I wear scrub outfits most of the time cause I’m at work so I have to wear a uniform, but when I’m at home I wear my shorts or sweats and a t-shirt depending on the weather.

    If I get dressed up people notice because they aren’t use to seeing me dressed up. I do wear nicer clothes when I attend church.

    Sometimes I wear a dress and other times I wear slacks or jeans. Our church is pretty laid back and jeans are okay to wear. I have noticed that my mood decides what I wear when I go out though.

    1. I agree with you. I think we probably have all done this and continue to do it, but subconsciously perhaps we’re not always aware.

      Now that we know maybe we can change a little bit of it. I know I feel better when I make the effort.

  3. I agree with all of this. Since working for myself I have started to dress casually for work unless absolutely necessary. I wore a tie a couple of weeks ago for the first time in many years. Dressing casually just makes me feel more comfortable.

    Unfortunately people, especially clients (think because they are paying for your services) form opinions about you from what you wear, but I have stopped worrying about that. If they don’t like what I wear they can go and find another consultant!

    1. I agree with you. People do tend to judge us on how we look and shouldn’t. It’s what is underneath that counts.

  4. When I was a teacher, I dressed up everyday in a suit and tie.

    Now that I’m unemployed, I dress everyday in a white t-shirt and jeans. I notice though, now that I go out, I still wear the same t-shirt and jeans if I go out to eat with my friends or my wife.

    When I would dress better during the day, I’d come home and change, but when I went out, I put on a button up shirt, or at least a polo when going out. I guess it’s all in the habit of doing things.

    1. Mike I totally understand.

      I think that what we wear is a reflection of how we feel and that’s okay. We also get into the habit of wearing certain clothes which we like more than other clothes. Many thanks for posting.

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