When we believe

Something inspirational:

“Believe what you believe and it will be, believe what others believe and they will consume you!”


11 Jul, 2014

6 thoughts on “When we believe

    1. Yes it is true. It’s important to believe what we believe, because it is our beliefs that will carry us through life.

      When we take on other people’s beliefs and opinions we will eventually be consumed by their beliefs on what we deal with. Without standing firm, we will always find it hard to make, stick and even know what our own beliefs are.

  1. Yes, I agree with you. To have a fulfilling life we have to believe what we believe. We can’t be happy believing what others believe.

    Believing what others believe causes conflict in our lives.

    1. Your last sentence says it all Lisa. Taking on other people’s beliefs will cause conflict in our lives. Thanks Lisa.

  2. This quote is very true. If we believe what others believe it will not only consume us, it may destroy us.

    1. Thanks Tim. On an emotional level we become that other person. I know that because this was my life until I learned how to turn things around.

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