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  1. Very true. I try only to worry about things that I can do something about and even then I know that I ought not to worry but just address the situation instead.

    Worrying in itself doesn’t help.

    1. You’re absolutely spot on with your response. Your last sentence holds truth and you’re right; Worry in itself doesn’t help, but knowing that doesn’t help everyone. They will still continue to worry.

      I tend to go with the, ‘I let go of what doesn’t serve me and deal with the rest’ attitude. That way I leave the worry behind.

  2. I like this quote. Hubby tends to worry about a lot of things he can’t change.

    I remind him that it doesn’t make sense to worry over things you can’t control. It seems to help! I try not to worry too much.

    I put it in God’s hands and let the chips fall where they may. Nice quote!

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes you’re right there is no point to worrying over things we can’t change. Things normally happen when they’re supposed to, so there’s no real point adding worry to that equation.

      I agree it is a nice quote!

  3. Worrying about a certain situation makes the situation seem bigger than it is. I am very guilty of doing this, but I would like to break the bad habit.

    1. Thanks Maria. Ditto on your thoughts; you’re absolutely right.

      I used to a big worrier as a child, but have managed to turn a lot of that around. My spiritual beliefs helped pave the way for a more peaceful life, so I worry less.

  4. I used to worry about things until I created something more to worry about. But maturity and age has taught me to slow down and face life’s fears with my head up and my eyes open, just a peek.

    It’s a shame to have to worry about life and death at the same time.

    1. I think we’ve probably all done that Tim, talking ourselves into things, imagining things will happen when unconsciously we know it won’t. As you say, maturity and age teaches us how to change.

      I agree it is a shame to have to worry about life and death at the same time. Perhaps we need to explore the meaning of both so we feel more comfortable with the inevitability of life and death.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes it’s not always easy to see or understand how to solve some of our problems, so there will always be an element of worry attached to those problems.

      I do honestly believe though that for every problem we have there is a solution. We have to believe we can and find solutions.

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