Why a good attitude matters?

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How many of us do a job that we’re really not keen to do? We know we have to do it, so we do it without putting our heart and soul into it. If we tell ourselves we’re going to enjoy the job, we’ll do it with more satisfaction, because a positive attitude brings about a better outcome.

If we take the view that the job in the bigger scheme of things will only take a short time, it could be well worth the effort; but there is no point in starting a job without at least trying to do our best at it. Whatever we do in our lives should only ever be done with good grace and a positive attitude. Something I choose to embrace in my own life.

8 Jun, 2011

8 thoughts on “Why a good attitude matters?

  1. Very good post today.

    I think when we have a positive outlook everything is easier. I also have found that if a job is broken down into steps, that way it won’t feel so overwhelming. Take it step by step until it is done. When it is completed you will have great personal satisfaction.

  2. I find it very hard to be positive on this matter, which I know isn’t a very good thing.

    I get flustered when I look at the whole project and it looks to be impossible. I know it would be helpful if I could learn to break things down into smaller pieces so it wouldn’t seem so overwhelming.

    I’ll have to work on learning how to do that in the future.

    1. I totally understand you Randy. I hope you manage to break some of your thoughts about things down into smaller pieces. I am sure that will help. Thank you for posting.

  3. It helps to have a positive attitude when working with children. So I’ve been blessed with my favorite, working as a nurse with children that are ill at home.

    Jobs I have to do at home I don’t enjoy a whole lot but I do have days that I really get into the cleaning and I have a positive attitude and it feels so good when I’m through, especially when I see what I have accomplished.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Lisa, a positive attitude helps in whatever jobs we have to tackle. Thank you for posting.

  4. That’s so true. I think many people today don’t like their jobs, so they don’t put full effort into it, or do it quick and mess something up, especially younger people, but some older people as well.

    That was my experience when I worked at my local park. They hired a bunch of high school and college students for the summer and they really didn’t do anything right and were lazy because they didn’t care; whereas I pretty much worked hard and was taken advantage of because I was the only person they could trust to do the job right and not slack off… and I got paid less! Does that make sense?

    I really think it is all too common today and I think that’s why business are doing poorly and the economy as well. If people don’t care about their jobs the business is what suffers and then in turn the economy.

    1. Tim I think you have some very good points here. It is often the case for people like yourself who work hard to carry the can for those who don’t. It’s not right either that you did the bulk of the work and got paid less, but again that does happen.

      The more effort we put into work the better the economy will be; but being in a credit crunch probably means we have to work doubly hard to be able to achieve that. Many thanks for posting.

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