8 thoughts on “Why we must dream

  1. I believe this. If we have a dream we must act on it and get it done. Others will use us to build their dreams and we’ll never get ours.

  2. I may dream of being hired by someone to help them build their dream and subsequently build my dream as a result of being hired.

    It is highly unlikely that people will share the same dream or travel down the same road to fulfill their dreams.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sometimes it takes for us us help someone else to understand or see our own potential for fulling our own dreams.

      For whatever reason we either have no confidence or don’t always understand where we want to be at any given moment. Helping others fulfill their own potential can help us see that.

  3. I haven’t really dreamed about anything in a very long time or worked on helping others with their dreams because of the way things happened!

    It’s a very difficult thing to even think about when I realize how much time I have wasted, but I’m trying to do the best I can to figure out what my dreams can be now.

    1. Thanks Randy. Dreams can be little things, they don’t have to be life changing long term goals. Just continue to give of your best like you do.

  4. Interesting quote. I never really had any dreams when I was younger. I had ideas about what I wanted but I wouldn’t say they were ‘dreams,’ they were far too mundane for that. People say we must always follow our dreams but I wonder how many of us actually have those sorts of dreams.

    Lovely photo too; very dream-like. I can imagine myself on a sunny day, lying on the grass with my hands behind my head just watching the clouds and floating with them!

    1. Yes I love the photo and your description. I think you’re right, I’m not sure how many of us will follow our dreams in our lifetime, although it helps to have parents (when we’re in our formative years) that help us fill our potential and follow our dreams. Parents usually want us to either earn a lot of money or for us to follow the normal route.

      Unfortunately I think too many dreams are lost because we’re not encouraged to follow our dreams. I know though, that if we were to follow our dreams, we would all be a lot happier for it.

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