6 thoughts on “Winners and losers

  1. Comparing our accomplishments to others isn’t a good idea.

    It may lead to depression, especially if the other person has accomplished more than us and their accomplishments are more notable.

    If we compare to our own goals, we’ll see what we have accomplished and can be proud of ourselves.

  2. I spent my life comparing myself to others.

    It has been a good boost for a long part of my life and last year, as I failed for the first time at something I was supposed to be good at, it gave me depression because I was not good enough; not adapted enough, not strong enough.

    I know what it is. I’ve been working on myself for one year and it’s been hard to change my way of thinking about myself, but it has been revealing and I might be more confident now. Maybe being depressed was what I needed to know who I was deep deep inside.

    Let’s focus on what we do everyday to make people around us happy, this is the best anti-depressant! CP RULES!! 🙂

    1. I think you’re right Maylis. Our lessons don’t come from our achievements, they come from us losing at something. If this is the only time in your life you have suffered with depression, you will have been aware what the trigger of your depression was.

      It’s easier to deal with depression and move on when we have a clear understanding of why we have it and what changes we need to make to move on. That’s not always easy.

      I agree that we should focus on our strengths and what we can do every day, but being happy has to come from us first. When we have that, happiness will radiate further, to other people.

      Such a lovely and positive response, thank you.

      1. You are right too Ilana! You have to be happy to show happiness to others, but pretending to be happy to make people happy is easy and I know what I’m talking about.

        I just figured that making people happy about themselves has helped me being happy about myself too and it’s not a bad thing I guess. I’m still working on my depression and it’s a long road, but now I know what ‘being Sad’ means it brings me closer for knowing what being happy means.

        I just take it day by day and it makes me happier and happier to fight this every step of the way. Two days ago, I was feeling down, but all I could think about was that tomorrow will be better.

        Hopefully for us, there is always a tomorrow!!

        1. Thanks Maylis. I think you’re lucky. I find it difficult to pretend to be happy, if I’m really not. I don’t seem to be able to hide it very well.

          I think you’re right knowing what it is to be sad does help us in some respects know what it is to be happy. Once we feel happy, we’re not likely to want to return to being sad again.

          The unfortunate part is that it takes effort on our parts, hard work and determination to get ourselves to that stage, but through self-analysis you have managed to work things through and have proved it can work. I believe it does. Hopefully working through your depression too, will turn things around for good.

          I also believe tomorrow always comes, we just have to give it our best shot, regardless of what we deal with.

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