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  1. I agree with this quote. The way that I gain wisdom is by experiencing things. It’s funny that you can read about things, but you never really grasp a concept until you experience it for yourself.

  2. My wisdom comes from my experiences, observations and the mistakes I’ve made. It is not true that we are as good as our last move, errors make us wise. But experience doesn’t necessarily foster wisdom, especially if we interpret an experience the wrong way; prejudice sometimes blind us.

    Perhaps our lack of wisdom is the result of our inability to humble ourselves, not only to our experiences, but to other people’s experiences as well.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’ve left us with a considerable amount of food for thought today. I agree. Although errors will primarily allow us to learn our lessons so that we can understand life’s experiences better and become more wise; some of us will continue to make errors and will fail to understand where and why they’ve gone wrong.

      Wisdom comes from our ability to understand. I think you’re right, we will fail to learn and will always miss the signs when we’re not grounded or humble enough.

  3. I agree. We learn through experience. I learned this very well while in nursing school. I really didn’t become a nurse until I got to work as one and most nurses will say the same thing.

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