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Have you ever got to that stage in your life, where you want to say something to someone you have had a disagreement with, but you either can’t find the right words, or you’ve not had the opportunity? If that’s a problem for you, write an open letter instead to the person you feel upset, or annoyed with. Everything you want to say is put into the letter, but is never sent.

The letter is usually burned, but if you feel you want to keep the letter, it can be filed too. Writing allows us to rationalise our thoughts so that we find a place that allows us to understand the actions of a close friend or relative, without holding a grudge. As we write we slowly let go of any pent-up emotions that have caused us to feel angry or annoyed.

23 Dec, 2010

10 thoughts on “Write a letter

  1. Funny that you mention letter writing as a way to vent frustrations and anger. The first time I heard of this was from my English professor a few years ago. It has worked for me as well.

  2. Great idea Ilana. I have done this before and believe it’s time to write another now, but I prefer to burn mine so not to dig-up the past further along my journey.

    I have never heard it called an open letter before, so it proves that we are always learning something new every day. Thank you.

  3. If I had a quarter for every letter or journal I have written to clear my mind, I would be a wealthy man but instead they make me a healthy man and that’s just fine with me.

    I plan to continue writing as long as my hands will allow and my spirit needs mending. Good post.

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