Write your worries away

A passing thought:

Have you ever got to a stage where you have a worry but don’t how to resolve it?  Write down your worries. Have a piece of paper and pen handy. You’ll be surprised at how quickly worries seem to dissipate when you begin white and then read your thoughts on paper.

8 Aug, 2011

6 thoughts on “Write your worries away

  1. I have done this before when I could not decide what to do. It really does help.

    I put the pros and cons and listed both so I could decide what was the best course of action. It does organize your thoughts and clears your head.

  2. I’ve done this and it does help focus your mind on the issue, so you can clearly see any possible ways forward.

    Randy’s idea about a list of pros and cons is good too. I think he must have seen that on ‘Friends’ as I remember Ross and Rachel doing that! 🙂

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