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5 Ways to Naturally Deal with Panic Attacks

Living with chronic health problems is difficult enough, but many of those that live through chronic health issues also deal with panic attacks – an anxiety disorder that causes severe feelings of debilitating anxiety and panic, especially with regard to one’s health. This anxiety disorder can make living with chronic disease considerable more difficult, which is why treating them should be a priority of anyone suffering from panic attacks.

Treating Panic Attacks Naturally

While I tend to use herbal and alternative therapies before using prescription medications, I am not one that is against using pharmaceutical drugs. I’ve seen how much they can help people with their problems, and while the side effects may be severe, there are often times that the side effects are outweighed by the benefits.

But when it comes to panic attacks, I personally believe that prescription drugs should be a last resort. The issue is with the panic attacks themselves. One of the main problems with panic disorder is the constant fear of getting another panic attack. This fear can actually trigger panic attacks, because it causes people to be more cognizant of the way they feel.

Even ignoring the side effects, prescription medications don’t cure panic disorder. They simply dull it so that you can’t experience enough anxiety to get another panic attack. Once you stop taking them, the panic attacks come back, and since no one is going to take these medicines forever, it’s pretty much a guarantee that once you wean off the medications you’ll likely be worried about getting another panic attack, and increase the likelihood of triggering one.

That’s why natural options are so important – you get to avoid the side effects, and you can learn to manage your panic attacks in the interim. The following strategies are useful ways to reduce the severity and frequency of your panic attacks naturally:

  • Exposure Therapy – Exposure therapy is a safe and natural method of dealing with panic disorder. It’s designed to get you used to your triggers. So if you often get panic attacks when you do not get a full breath (for example), you would breathe through a straw for two or three minutes to get used to the exposure sensation. There are natural ways to do this for every type of trigger;
  • Kava – There are a lot of supplements to control anxiety. Several useful ones have been posted on this site in the past. Kava is another herb that has a powerful effect on anxiety. Kava isn’t available in most states anymore because of a health scare related to kava and liver damage, but most research has shown that scare to be false, and kava’s benefits for anxiety are well documented;
  • Magnesium – Magnesium supplements may also be useful. Lately, several studies have shown that most people are woefully low in magnesium, and magnesium deficiency may lead to anxiety problems, as well as physical issues that may become panic triggers. Magnesium supplementation may not work for everyone, but some people will find it a welcome tool for fighting panic attacks;
  • Exercise – Exercise is also a powerful natural cure for panic attacks. Exercise releases endorphins – feel good neurotransmitters that improve your mood. It also tires your muscles (making it easier to cope with stress) and burns away the stress hormone Cortisol. Exercise isn’t a cure for panic, but it can reduce their severity and reduce the likelihood of a new panic attack;
  • Healthy Eating – Finally, healthier eating can reduce panic attacks as well. It’s not the fact that you’re healthier necessarily (although obviously that is a very important benefit). Rather, it’s a serious reduction in discomforts related to unhealthy eating. The fewer panic attack triggers you have, the easier it is to cope with the symptoms. Healthy eating reduces triggers.

Panic attacks can also be dealt with in therapy, which is safe and natural, and can be dealt with threw research. The more you know about panic attacks the less likely your triggers will affect you.

Panic attacks are already a serious problem. When you also have a chronic disease, it can be even worse. The above are safe ways to reduce panic attacks without the use of prescription medications, and are a great way to start reducing your anxiety symptoms.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera suffered from intense panic that ultimately forced him indoors for most of his life. Now that he’s cured he provides panic attack information to others at

13 Jul, 2012

4 thoughts on “Dealing with panic attacks

  1. Thanks for arranging for this Guest Blog.

    Ryan’s blog is both really informative and helpful. He clearly has had a tremendous amount of personal experience about this. It is wonderful that he has turned things around and is helping others.

    Ryan’s blog is full of great advice for anyone who suffers from panic attacks and for others who want to generally commit to a more healthier lifestyle.

    1. You’re welcome. From my knowledge on panic attacks they can be brought on by stress.

      I like the fact that Ryan not only addresses panic attacks in his blog, but also brings other positive options into the equation, so that panic attacks can at least be brought under control.

      Like Ryan, I believe that both our lifestyle and a more holistic approach encourage emotional, mental and physical health and is necessary if we are to bring about positive changes in all areas of our life.

      I am sure that would down on us having to deal with things like panic attacks.

  2. I’ve had a couple panic attacks in the last few years and a couple is enough for me.

    I’m on medication not particularly for panic attacks but other stuff. It helps with panic attacks though. I think the blog is really good and has good advice for anybody dealing with panic attacks.

    I especially like the natural remedies. All of them are good.

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