Finley needs a home


What a two year old with Cerebral Palsy might say about her life.

A few months into my life, worry grew for my development. I was not meeting my milestones. At my six month appointment with my Consultant, I still wasn’t babbling, rolling or tripod sitting, so my pediatrician prescribed therapy.

At 8 months old I began having Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, once a week. I was responding, but was still delayed in many ways. Even early on into my treatment, I tolerated the therapy well enough; although it did exhaust me quite a bit.

The activity is so much harder for a Cerebral Palsy kid. Initially I was sore and depleted, but still willing to respond to my therapists. In December 2015 my Neurologist called with results from my MRI. I had a brain injury, which confirmed my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. My parents held each other and cried.

I’m sure I will grieve my diagnosis at all stages of my life. I already feel a mixture of emotions. When others leave the room and I am alone for a moment, there are times I cry out for them. My physical limitations are already creating a sense of isolation.

On the other hand I am already learning to cope with my life. I like to initiate peekaboo and I think it’s pretty funny to shake my head from side to side. I catch people’s gaze from afar and draw them in with a smile. In the midst of my difficulties, I am still finding ways to thrive and connect.

Life will be more challenging the older I get, but I did not expect how my little life could bring such joy to others. Despite all my obstacles I am still determined to learn. I try to inspire, challenge and encourage others. My family, have come to accept me unconditionally and tell me they wouldn’t be without me.

The next big challenge I face is having a more accessible home that helps me stay mobile. We rent on the top floor of a building with no elevator. Getting me with my equipment up and down four flights of stairs has become more unsustainable. Sadly, we’ve been unable to afford something suitable.

To help me thrive more in life, my family have recently launched a campaign called Finley’s House; which offers unique and meaningful gifts (currently for Father’s Day) as well as a donation option. All proceeds will go towards accommodating me and my accessibility needs; so things are less of a struggle for me; and my family.

I would be grateful if you would please take a look at our video, with a view also to purchasing a gift or by making a donation at

Bio: Matt and Heather Sweetman live in Chicago with their four children, Jones, Macrae, Paisley, and Finley. Matt is a web designer, marketing specialist, author, and church starter. Heather is a creative writer and stay-at-home Mom.

8 Jun, 2016

2 thoughts on “Finley needs a home

  1. Thanks for posting this, Ilana. I have just been on to the family’s website and I hope that they get the support they need and they reach their target quickly; so that they can provide Finley with her new home that she deserves.

    The support the family has for each each is incredible. I have made a donation and I hope they reach their goal soon.

    1. I’m more than happy to help where I can and shall be making a contribution myself. Like you, I too hope Finley and her family reach their target. Having Cerebral Palsy myself I can relate to how they feel.

      Cerebral Palsy isn’t easy emotionally or physically; so any contribution we can make to make Finley’s living easier; will go a long way to help this beautiful family.

      Please if there’s one thing you can do today to help, please go and check out Finley and her family’s site.

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