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Join Me! “Make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy!”  Have a Lemonade Stand!

What would you do if YOU KNEW you couldn’t fail?  Let’s take fear out of the equation! What are YOUR biggest dreams? What if one day you would not KNOW?  Visualize this… You walk into a crowded room and no one is staring at you from head to toe with curiosity in their eyes.  Or your mother doesn’t say to you stand up tall and heal toe, heal, toe.  What if one day you walk into a grocery store and the cashier says, “Would you like to donate a dollar for CP research”?

Recently, I asked these same questions when I spoke at the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Conference in Milwaukee, WI. Reflecting on my message to children with cerebral palsy, I realized that my whole life I’ve had to be courageous every day of my life with everything you endure good and bad. Everyone with CP is Courageous!  As a group we are so COURAGEOUS, the skies the limit of what we are capable of achieving.

I’m Lauren Walier, 15 years old with CP, with a DREAM to make a difference for those 17 million people in the world Cerebral Palsy!  I want create a movement so vast and contagious that everyone wants to be a part of it.

Last winter, I was 1 of 15 children in the US/Canada to become an Ambassador of Reaching for the Stars (RFTS). I was so excited to begin my journey to raise awareness for CP that my family and I came up with the fundraising campaign, “Make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy” for RFTS.  I hosted lemonade stands and was the CP poster person at local businesses; businesses put donation jars at their cash register; other kids had lemonade stands; and people read newspaper articles about my endeavors and mailed donations. By the end of summer, I raised $7000. It was such a rewarding summer! I have so many heart-warming stories that inspired me to want to fight harder. My family and I then decided to form my own non-profit organization, “Make Lemon Aide” for Cerebral Palsy.  I want to raise funds for CP for better treatments/ advanced research! Why?

In 6th grade, I attended my 1st CP Awareness Meeting.  It changed my life! I learned that there was NO US federal funding for CP research, no successful treatments and no CURE.  I was devastated!  That night I knew this was my path!  I was on fire inside and realized I wanted to be the VOICE for those who do not have their own!

How can YOU Help?  Please join me in having a lemonade/hot cocoa stand. Have a fundraiser at a school, have a creative competition at your office, a 5K Walk/Run, or become a Sponsor!  The ideas are endless!  Let’s ban together to create a strong, vast movement for CP! Encourage everyone to be a part of… The POWER of Yellow for Make Lemon Aide! BE COURAGEOUS!

3 Dec, 2013

12 thoughts on “Lauren’s story

  1. Great post Lauren. You are so bright and courageous at such a young age. You will go far! I wish others could be like you are, not just for CP, but for other things too. Keep on keeping on.

    Good luck and best wishes for a wonderfully bright future.

  2. Lauren is my granddaughter. She is also my Hero.

    Lauren is a very kind, caring and loving young lady. At the young age of 15 she has dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate than she is.

    Lauren I’m so very proud of you and love you very much.

    1. Hi John and welcome to the site.

      I think that what Lauren is doing is remarkable and an inspiration to other people. Without a supportive family it would be very difficult for Lauren to achieve all that she is trying to achieve. It’s wonderful.

      You and your family are inspirational. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Lisa, llana and my grandfather, thank you all so much for taking the time to read my story and leave your positive words of encouragement! Your comments remind me that this is my path!

    Ilana thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my story on your blog!

    Let’s make some lemon aide!

    Please like my Facebook page; make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy and ask your friends to share it as well.

    Ilana thank you again! Your blog is awesome!

    Lauren Walier

    1. You’re welcome Lauren. Thank you for getting in touch with me and for sharing your story. I know that without CP I wouldn’t be writing now. We probably would both would have taken completely different paths.

      I have always believed that some things are just meant to happen. You were meant to do this and because of your CP, this is definitely your path.

      What you are doing is truly an inspiration to your family and everyone else too. I love that.

  4. Ilana, we encourage your guests to watch Lauren’s recent speech in Milkwakee WI, at the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine on YouTube, titled Lauren’s Milkwaukee Speech! Her speech is very inspirational and heartfelt!

    Thank you Ilana. Your personal story was very endearing to me. I can completely understand all the anger and emotions you experienced growing up. I can’t imagine not knowing!

    As Lauren’s mother, I can understand your pain. You’ve endured and embraced so much! Thank YOU for overcoming, giving back and being COURAGEOUS!!!

    1. Hi Sherry and welcome to the site. I have listened to Lauren’s speech Sherry. You’re absolutely right Lauren’s speech is inspirational and heartfelt. The information is out there I am sure many will want to listen to what Lauren has to say. She is inspirational.

      Thank you for reading my story on what I had to deal with growing up. Although I can’t change my past, I unconsciously never gave up hope that one day I would get to know what it is I was dealing with for all of those years. I also never gave up hope on myself.

      The blogs that I write and the site itself has given me so much encouragement; to see there is light where there was dark. I hope it also gives encouragement to others too to help them deal with what they have to deal with.

      Thank you so much Sherry for your kind words. It’s a shame my parents’ couldn’t do for me what you’ve done for Lauren. You and your family are inspirational.

  5. Ilana your blog is a gift to others and displays your strength, courage and HOPE! HOPE breeds positivity!

    All things are possible when one is given HOPE! Our wish is that Lauren’s message brings people HOPE! Blessings to you Ilana!

    I’m honored to have chatted with you and read your story! Keep doing what your doing, it’s awesome! I admire your work.

    1. Thank you so much Sherry. I believe Lauren’s message will bring lots of hope to people. Her message of hope will filter out the more Lauren puts her story out there.

      It doesn’t matter that individually we will all deal with different things, but I believe that what keeps people united is our fighting spirit. There will always be others who understand.

      Lauren and I may have different forms and symptoms of CP, but our will and determination to stay focused and strong will keep us united. The message is the same, even if the physical restraints aren’t.

      There is always hope and a story to be told.

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