2017, a New Year

As I slowly get back to writing for a New Year, I decided my first blog of the year would be short and sweet. Welcome to 2017.

Perhaps we should use 2017 to change how we see our lives, how we perceive others and how we live our lives. Although our circumstances will sometimes dictate our lives, our circumstances aren’t set in stone and therefore it’s up to us to try to make new decisions.

We mustn’t fight our circumstances, but where we can change our circumstances we must at least try and where we can’t, we must try to find an acceptance, because with acceptance comes peace.

We must learn to make ourselves better, so that we’re better people and so that we learn to embrace change, because then we’ll be more receptive to change. Get to make 2017 your best.

1 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “2017, a New Year

  1. Maybe short, but thought provoking, inspirational and even philosophical! We may continue personal dialogue via email, but everyone who has any connection with Cerebral Palsy (my case as parent) should explore this site and appreciate your insight and commitment. Happy New Year.

    1. Awww thanks Neil and welcome to the site. Happy New Year. I hope that 2017 is a good year for you and your family.

      I look forward to speaking with you shortly in due course.

    1. Thank you. No pressure then!! I jest. I shall endeavour to continue to do and give of my best through more blogs in 2017.

      I am so grateful for the opportunity.

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