A better understanding

We will fail to get on with others without a mutual understanding between us. We can’t have a mature conversation when the person we’re trying to reason with is generally irritable, not in the mood, or simply irritated by something we’ve said.

It doesn’t mean what we said undermined how they felt. It’ll be what they’re feeling at that time, coming into play. What we say can emotionally tip them over the edge. Life’s a bit like that, but with the right attitude from both camps and empathy thrown in for good measure, there’s no reason why we can’t bring understanding back into the equation.

It’s not difficult, but both parties must work at it. Perhaps that’s part of the problem, one party will and one party won’t. Empathy is crucial if we are to bring about the desired resolution. Empathy allows us to see conflict through another person’s eyes, without us bowing to pressure and the other person thinking they’re right.

It means we’re mature enough to understand the bigger picture, so that we can find a resolve. Empathy allows us to acknowledge the issue and find middle ground so that we come to understand and learn to mediate on both sides.

28 Nov, 2015

2 thoughts on “A better understanding

  1. Yes I agree. A little empathy goes a very long way.

    I have come across similar situations personally and have learned that a conciliatory approach often works better than a confrontational one.

    1. Thanks, yes I couldn’t agree more.

      The hard part is keeping conversations conciliatory. Depending on who we’re talking to, even with the best of intentions, conversations or circumstances don’t always work out that way.

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