A Climate Emergency

Greenpeace Emergency Response to Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity and our planet. It must be acted upon immediately.

Greenpeace has published what has been described as a radical action for the UK government to declare a climate emergency and then to bring policy in line with climate science.

This is a summary of a 10-point plan produced by Greenpeace. It is a radical approach to climate change and will undoubtedly stimulate debate.

I believe this should be of interest of us globally:

• Ban all new oil and gas production in the UK, including fracking;

• Triple renewable energy by 2020;

• Plant 700 million trees in the next 10 years;

• Introduce a frequent flyer tax;

• End the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030;

• Roll out free bus travel for young people and people on lower incomes;

• End carbon emissions from heavy industry;

• Create millions of jobs in a new green economy;

• Retrofit homes to go zero-carbon;

• Change the farming industry and food system to encourage a less meat-based diet.

Almost 500,000 people have signed a petition urging the UK government to declare a climate emergency. It remains to be seen how much political support it gains.

In view of the groundswell of the population supporting parties with environmental issues at the heart of their political manifestos in recent elections, any government would be advised and must take these concerns very seriously.


Our future, our children’s future and their children’s futures are all at stake. It is important government’s take a stance and deal with the threat to climate change now. It has to be a priority of all priorities. Not something that can be sat on or something to go to.

It is something that must be dealt with now, in order to effect positive climate change. It also needs global cooperation. All countries must work together.


5 Jul, 2019

4 thoughts on “A Climate Emergency

  1. I was very pleased to see this blog today and I agree we cannot act quickly enough. All the signs point to our impact on the planet and yet this is still denied at the highest level in key countries around the world.

    There are some radical measures in the Greenpeace plan, not all of which will find universal support, but maybe if nothing else this will promote debate leading to action before the damage we have caused, is permanently irreversible.

    1. Thanks. I feel I am lucky I have a platform to be able to write about the things that matter to me and to others also.

      We must act on Climate Change as you say and we cannot act soon enough. If we don’t act now we will run out of time to reverse the impact on the environment.

      There are things we can do individually, but primarily this is something all governments must take charge of and deal with and together.

  2. Yes, it’s quite obvious that drastic climate change is not a good thing. The biggest problem is countries don’t seem to want to work together, which is the only way it is going to work.

    We have all these rules and regulations in place here in the US, but then we have countries like China who don’t seem in the least concerned about how much pollution they’re pumping into the atmosphere.

    The richest people live in places where they don’t have to deal with so much pollution, but it will only be a matter of time before the whole planet will be uninhabitable and we’ll all be out of luck.

    It would be nice to think our generation will do something to make a difference, but like you said, we must all work together before it’s too late.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, we can and must do something before it’s too late. Although scientists have already confirmed the importance of climate change it is now becoming an emergency, and our governments must act.

      Their priorities are completely out of order, but in any event as you say Governments must start to work together.

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