A culture of blame

We must again look and think outside the box, instead of apportioning blame, if we are to meet with success in our lives. A culture of blame, characterised by an unwillingness to accept responsibility for mistakes, individually or through institutions.

No matter what our issues throw up or how we got to our issues, we’ve settled into a blame culture, where everyone else is to blame, and although that’s not true, we’re happy to make it appear as if it is. Although we may not initially be to blame, we are to blame if we continue to blame others and don’t start to take responsibility for ourselves.

Regardless of our circumstances or issues, it is important through society we all work together to build a more functional system with a fair and open culture of accountability. Blame is subjective. It is based on personal opinions. But a personal opinion is often flawed, because it is based on our personal thinking and not the universal thinking.

It has also got something to do with the history, our relationship with that person. We must be objective, not subjective. We must be open-minded. It is easier to blame, than it is to work through our own demons, insecurities and understand that we may to be blame.

We must think about and take responsibility for our decisions and what we continue to bring to our relationships. Not everything is clear, not everything is black and white.

9 Oct, 2019

2 thoughts on “A culture of blame

  1. In other words, you’re trying to elevate us above what our minds are accustomed to thinking. You want us to rise above the pettiness of blame.

    Blog by blog you want us to shed our destructive behavior and break the chains that are holding us back.

    1. Thanks Tim. Blog by blog I put out my thoughts into the universe and uncover universal truths. I feel it’s not up to me to point out other people’s destructive behaviour. It’s for them to understand and change.

      I simply explain things in a way that enables others to see and understand things for themselves. But people will always resonate with what’s familiar, even if they don’t want to own it.

      Because I write my blogs around the universal truths, everything will feel familiar. I work on the universal truths and those affect us all.

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