A dip in the road

Events beyond our control may force us to take a dip in the road. These in turn may take us down a completely different path from the one we started, may lead us to a different set of circumstances, to a different decision we might not otherwise have had to make, had our circumstances not changed.

While any new road isn’t our first choice that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice. Sometimes the wrong road is the right road, even though it’s not the road we started on, but it’s the road we’re finishing on.

The path of life never runs smooth, but to some degree we have to learn to accept that some things will happen that change our path, so it helps if we’re prepared. Having been through so many different experiences, I believe we should try to accept at least some of our experiences. In reality, what choice do we have?

Even if the path we find ourselves on is not our original path, I believe things do come good eventually. We have to believe they will. Things always have a habit of turning out the way they’re supposed to and that’s okay and if it’s not okay we have to believe it is.

It’s a different okay of course, even if the path we’re on wasn’t our original choice, but our new set of circumstances often can turn out better than our first and that’s definitely okay.

27 Jun, 2014

6 thoughts on “A dip in the road

  1. I agree that our paths constantly change as we travel along them, sometimes through conscious decisions thoughts, but also subconsciously too. This is often most difficult to accept when that change is brought about though external forces acting on us.

    As you say the path is rarely a smooth one, whichever one we follow.

  2. I think you’re right. Any road we take will eventually lead us towards a path already predestined for us to navigate.

    Perhaps there are no wrong roads; but the curves and bends in the road seem everlasting.

    1. Like you Tim I also believe there are no wrong roads. Whichever road we find ourselves on, that is the road we’re supposed to go down.

      I agree with you that on our less familiar paths, those curves and bends in the road will always seem everlasting.

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