A happy disposition

We all have genetic predispositions that determine our state of happiness, which is why some of us are happier than others.

Although we may be pre-dispositioned to certain family traits, we have some control over that. It is our circumstances that dictate how we feel about what we deal with and that determines how happy we are and how much control we have.

We are all born with genetic predispositions, but our circumstances, and environmental considerations also play their part in determining a general state of happiness. There are people who have happy dispositions and it’s those dispositions that allow them to live their lives, differently to the rest of us.

That said, I believe we can learn to be happy, by living our lives a certain way and thinking about being happy. Lifestyle plays its part too, as do our beliefs, but for those of us who don’t have the happy disposition, we can learn to be happy with just a few small changes. If we change what is causing us to be unhappy, we will always find a level that fits.

Changing jobs, moving further out, distancing ourselves from people who make us unhappy, all go some way to changing the way we feel, see and do things, but that’s only part of it, because we must incorporate a positive lifestyle to match.

30 Oct, 2012

4 thoughts on “A happy disposition

  1. I agree. We are born with a predisposition to happiness. I agree that our upbringing contributes to it also.

    If we grow up in an unhappy home we may be unhappy in our grown up life, but we can change it. Determine that you’re not going to be unhappy and leave the past behind to get on with our lives.

    Make new friends and leave the unhappy ones behind if they decide to continue to be unhappy. Decide to be happy in your life no matter what and be thankful that you’re here for another day and for all the things you have in your life.

    1. I think your sentiments are okay Lisa, but our realities of what we all deal with make what you say harder to implement.

      Our beliefs can sometimes help us understand our lives better, but every day stress can add to how we cope and it’s that which interferes with how happy we are.

  2. I definitely grew up in a very unhappy home, which caused me to never really know what it’s like to be really happy. I do remember a very short time, probably when I was around 3, where I was happy to be a kid.

    I’m really questioning what it will take to be somewhat happy and at least comfortable in my own skin. Hopefully this will be possible sometime very soon!

    1. Unfortunately Randy, we have to make it possible and we have to make it happen. We cannot turn our back on those unhappy times, but we can change how we perceive those times, so that we’re more content in our life.

      If we’re more content we’re more likely to find middle ground on being happy. It’s all down to our outlook and can be done.

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