A lack of civility

The lack of civility in society means something is seriously wrong. We must want to bring ourselves closer together. We must want to show concern, we must have tolerance and be tolerant, be caring, empathetic, patient and understanding.

We must learn to take judgment and criticism out of everyday conversations, particularly where the ego is concerned. The ego is the reason for most of our difficulties, when it’s played out on the centre stage, in our personal relationships and in our lives.

Civility brings people together. It encourages people to productively work together around any common goals. But civility is essential if our lives are going to change. Where there is hostility and conflict those must be replaced with respect and consideration through a wider understanding of what is expected through our common values.

If done correctly, civility brings people and communities together and helps us form meaningful friendships and relationships. Civility goes beyond us having manners and gives us and our lives purpose. Civility ties us into a lifestyle that helps more than just us, it helps those around us too, in the wider community. We will begin to care more about things, about people, about life.

Civility reminds us that even with different points of view we can still work together for the greater good, through understanding and compromise. With civility, we have duties not only through society and politics, but in the wider world.

We need to make sure and continue to make sure we work towards a common goal that will benefit each of us, through society and in the world. We need it more than we’ve ever needed it. Lives are depending on it.

6 Sep, 2018

4 thoughts on “A lack of civility

  1. I love this entry, it’s what I’ve been feeling. There is a saying here in the states. There is no I in team. Many of the best countries have worked together for common good.

    Once greed and envy set in, it sinks the ship. We must teach our children to share and be kind. Children then grow up to be kind and caring adults. Those who work on their own, have problems achieving their goals.

    If we had a more caring population things would be so much better. I think envy and greed are hardly ever good feelings to have.

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re feeling what we all feel Maria, myself included.

      It’s important we all learn to come together for the greater good. I agree that when you take greed and envy out of the equation we’ll be looking at a more balanced existence and life.

      Greed and envy happens in families, in schools and other institutions. It’s in society, the wider world.

      But you’re right. Whatever we do starts with our children. We need to teach them right, incorporating things like empathy, compassion, tolerance and patience.

  2. I’m hearing some nervous chatter about the state of civility in our society, which tells me that people are aware that we are purposely being dragged down a dark dangerous hole, created by a few sophisticated evil masters.

    The good news is, they never fully prevail.

    1. I really do hope you’re right Tim. We need to do more to make sure we’re heading on the right path. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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