A life with integrity

If I could impress upon others to incorporate one value in their life that value would be integrity. Integrity should be the backbone to humanity because it gives our lives purpose.

It makes for good character, which is vitally important. When we use integrity consistently, it becomes the norm and part of who we are. When we have integrity, we’re honest and have strong moral principles.

Integrity allows us to follow our moral and ethical convictions without needing to find a compromise, where doing the right thing becomes the norm, is second nature and instrumental for spiritual growth.

Integrity examples include:

  • Saying you’re going to do something and following it through even if we have to make the extra effort;
  • Remaining true to your friends and family;
  • Not talking about people behind their backs;
  • Not betraying anyone’s trust;
  • Taking responsibility and owning up to your mistakes;
  • Not allowing someone else to take the flack for something you’ve done;
  • Keeping something you’re told in confidence to yourself;
  • Finding something, knowing who it belongs to and handing it back;
  • Not telling little white lies to get yourself out of bother;
  • Not moving the boundaries to suit yourself.

Having integrity sets us up for a more peaceful life and allows for spiritual and emotional growth and maturity. It’s how we should all live.

15 Feb, 2016

2 thoughts on “A life with integrity

  1. Integrity was a foreign concept in our household, so it’s no wonder we were all so confused after a while!

    My parents seemed to have no shame and expected us to behave the same way. The only reason I think I had any moral values at all was from the comics I read and the stories I believed in about knights and honor. My moral values were compromised on so many occasions that I lost track of what was right and wrong.

    I was forced to watch so many bad things happening to good people, while so many good things were happening for bad people. It left the impression that being good got you nowhere and being bad got you what you wanted, no matter the cost!

    The problem was that I didn’t enjoy being a bad person, seeing as I did have a set of moral codes despite all I had gone through as a child. My biggest downfall has been the lack of ability to stand up for what I believed in, because of the brainwashing I went through as a child!

    I was punished severely for wanting to do so and my Mother finally won by breaking my spirit. I have spent most of my life trying to make everybody else happy and hating every minute of it.

    Mistakes I made from doing so, still haunt me to this day but I have to work on letting them go while I still can. I just want to be able to live my life on my own terms for the first time in my life!

    1. Thanks Randy. I always try to look for understanding. You know your family weren’t capable of giving you what you deserved to have as a child.

      That said, we also learn from school, our peers and from the media, so as long as we learning and you clearly have, then you’re definitely on the right track and you have lots of integrity.

      It’s not always ideal of course, of course any child would want things to be different and why not, but beating ourselves up serves little purpose and gives more power to those who have wronged us. All we can do is make changes to our own lives so that our lives turn out to be more positive than the childhood we come from.

      I also think it’s nice to know we’re capable of relying on ourselves. It’s a positive revelation considering our backgrounds.

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