A lingering childhood

There are those who go out of their way to blame their parents or siblings for how their lives turn out. Others may not intentionally set out to blame, but may still be affected by their childhood.

There is little point in harbouring resentment, because we don’t get to change our upbringing. Instead, wallowing in our own misery, will only serve to make us more miserable, unless we choose to say something, which we are absolutely entitled to do.

As the adult, we’re responsible for ourselves. That can never take away what the other person has done, so perhaps that’s something we must think about. Where we think we’re not affected by our experiences in childhood we are, although we may sometimes fail to identify what those issues are.

Unless the issues are obvious and they stand out, it’s not always easy to equate why we may feel so unhappy. There could be a multitude of things going on for us. But we need to work things out if we are to change our thinking so that the issues we have from our childhood, don’t linger into our adult lives.

We cannot turn back the clock, but we can control how we choose to see and deal with our issues, or experiences. We are fully in control of how we see and deal with those.

28 Dec, 2016

4 thoughts on “A lingering childhood

  1. Life doesn’t have a reverse gear, instead it has a window, to see to the past to move through the present. The window is like a mirroring glass to help us see all sides of things, if we look long enough.

    So I linger in my childhood past sometimes, looking for a message, even though it seems so far away.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m not sure how many of us recognise our issues, particularly when we’ve been coerced into believing something different.

      If we do recognise our issues, perhaps we’re not always articulate enough to communicate those issues back. I think you’re right though, we may sometimes try to look for a message when we linger in our childhood past that we never find.

      I think that when we understand though, we will recognise the signs of what our issues mean almost straight away. I find it sad that our past tends to linger into our lives and spoils what we have with our loved ones.

      It is usually disguised as anger.

  2. Resentment holds you back from fulfilling what is yet to come, so to me there is no justification in keeping it.

    Find a place for whatever he issue is and look forwards, but that’s not to say we should forget the past, rather learn from it and turn it around so it doesn’t do us harm.

    1. Thanks. Yes, resentment does. It’s a shame that we hold on to resentment because others choose to ignore their role and it’s that, which holds us back.

      The whole point of life is to give of our best and parenting is no different; but when parents or siblings get it wrong they find it hard to admit they got it wrong.

      An apology is all it would take and that would change the dynamics in a good way.

      It’s baffling to me why people choose to continue to behave in this way.

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