A little knowledge

Over the last few months listening to our politicians in support of the UK leaving the EU, reminded me of the saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” can mislead us into thinking that we’re more of an expert than we really are.

It also means we become falsely overconfident about our expertise in a certain subject if we possess a small amount of knowledge. That in exercising humility, we should demonstrate that we have researched a topic extensively before proclaiming that we are an expert on any given topic.

The sad thing is and it’s the way the world seems to think that people without a degree can’t possibly know because they’re clearly not book versed, but that’s not always true. We can be book versed, on the things we’re interested in. But perhaps when we’re given advice, we must all take responsibility and choose to think about if what’s being said makes common sense, rather than just take someone else’s word.

Perhaps that’s all that’s needed. If what you’ve been told doesn’t make sense, then it’s important you do your own research. I wouldn’t advocate or think it wise for anyone to take advice without thinking things through for themselves first.

10 Feb, 2018

2 thoughts on “A little knowledge

  1. While most politicians think they know it all, I can list so many people who fall into this category, but they would all be the last to admit it.

    I think it comes with having egos and a superiority complex. Neither of which are endearing qualities.

    I believe a university education can be a wonderful experience but let’s not forget, it doesn’t give you a qualification in common sense or compassion.

    1. Yes, society seems to have gone that way. You’re right, our egos and having a superiority complex are very much part of the problem. They’re not endearing qualities.

      But your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully. University doesn’t give you a qualification in common sense or compassion, or tolerance, patience and empathy.

      I hate to say it but sadly those qualities seem to be lacking.

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