A New Year, old problems

I’m breaking with tradition for the first time in 10 years, to talk about something that concerns us all. With Brexit around the corner, I’m sure like me, others are also struggling to think about anything else.

We’re in this world to be selfless not selfish. What is happening in politics is nothing short of selfish. MPs thinking about themselves, how they can outwit each other, and the back-biting continues. It’s not just a UK thing, the same thing is happening in other political governments too.

What happened to integrity and our moral compass? Why are they not part of the political landscape? No matter which side you voted for in the June 2016 referendum, no one voted to make us poorer, split families, make our communities less safe, or to stop FOM. Through the process we are even more exposed, more vulnerable. Not to mention the lies.

The referendum has exposed deep fractures with the British party systems. Instead of the referendum resolving parties’ problems, it has left the UK’s party structure even more in crisis, with party leaders either being in denial over the outcome, or they have a lack of understanding of this. It is clear to us that British democracy is in crisis, as is the Conservative and Labour party and so is British democracy. (https://www.journalofdemocracy.org)

Something forced will never end well and as far as the Universe is concerned, Brexit is forced. With everything weighed up, the scales are tipped against the UK going through with it, yet they insist it’s good for us. In 2020 with global warming and climate change taking centre stage, countries must work together. This will not end well and by default we are all caught up in the cross-fire.

Starting a new year isn’t the issue, 2020 isn’t an issue either. A new decade isn’t a problem, but what is the problem is being on the other side of Brexit. With a lack of understanding of how Brexit Britain, will function post EU is unknown territory.

It is abhorrent the government have chosen to take us down this path, knowing what they know about what it means to leave the EU, the hardships we will face, health issues we may have to face, potentially even deaths if we come away without a deal and yet they still choose to go through with it.

*Happy New Year 2020 to all my readers. Thank you for your love and support. May health and happiness follow you in the year to come.* 

1 Jan, 2020

2 thoughts on “A New Year, old problems

  1. Character, values and principles add up to integrity. These are not values often exhibited by our role models and so it’s not surprising that our society is broken.

    I worry about what sort of country the UK has become and worry that this will worsen once we leave the EU later this month. I fear there is no going back and we are now a divided society where nationalism, prejudice and racism are the norm.

    I am not sure this can be mended.

    1. Thanks. You’re right, character, values and principles add up to integrity. I also agree with what you say about the UK.

      Our society is broken, but where it’s broken I believe it can be mended, but first attitudes need to change. I believe anyone can change their attitude, but first they have to want to.

      This is where the problem lies.

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