A path to enlightenment

The path that leads to enlightenment is the path we take to better ourselves, better our lives, become better people, and become more spiritually aware.

But in order to attain spiritual awareness, we have to be in touch with truth and continually work on that. Enlightenment isn’t something that just happens, it’s something we must continue to work on.

The foundation that can help us achieve enlightenment is progress. Progress means we are making headway, but our starting point must always be self-awareness. We must continue to be more tolerant and patient, less opinionated and judgmental and more empathetic towards others and what they may deal with.

Enlightenment is spreading and being a positive influence on others, and in the world. Having harmony as part of that process allows us to improve ourselves without hurting others and spreading happiness to people.

The path to enlightenment is not an easy path, but it is one that if practiced regularly will continue to give us the most peace in our lives and with each other.

28 Oct, 2018

2 thoughts on “A path to enlightenment

  1. Once again, my second attempt at leaving a post, since I forgot to put in my info, and the post vanishes when you hit back. This is one sure sign that I need to work on finding my own path, seeing as I’m living in an environment that doesn’t allow for it.

    I end up continually walking on eggshells and can’t think straight due to the tension levels in the air, which you could cut with a knife.

    All I want is to be able to live my own life without being bombarded by the chaos and insanity of everyone else’s. I live with someone who seems to thrive on this, which makes my life a nightmare.

    The only way to change this, is to be the one to surrender to win. I’m done fighting this never ending war where she is always the one who wins, when all I want is to have peace and serenity in my life for the time that I have left.

    1. Thanks Randy. I appreciate and am grateful for your responses, thanks for trying again!

      Yes, the path we choose is the path we choose and sometimes that turns out to be the wrong path. If the path isn’t right for us, we must choose another path more suited.

      I believe we must, because our path to enlightenment can only start when our house is in order, in other words our issues sometimes brought in through our experiences.

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