A problem of trust

A lack of trust will affect the strength of our social, mental, physical and emotional health. To have trust is to have faith that someone has your back. Where we fail to trust our judgment, or our gut instinct, we won’t trust ourselves, therefore we will resist trusting others.

Negative beliefs attach themselves to anyone who lacks trust in others, which means they’re likely to attract similar people who reflect those same negative beliefs, rather than challenge them. Being around people who are distrustful is exhausting, especially when their distrust is tied to people and previous events.

We all have the ability to change. We must have faith, trust and respect ourselves because those attributes will replicate in our relationships. We must have the ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy situations.

When we get trapped into feelings of indecision, inaction and distrust, those will feed into our psyche, into our relationships. It is important for others to have trust in us and for us to trust others.

We are seeing a problem of trust in governments, in society and in the wider world. Where their decisions don’t concur with the universal principles, trust will be an issue, people will start to work against each other and things will work out badly.

We’re destroying ourselves through our ego and our selfish attitudes, through the choices we make. Instead, we must be selfless and act in accordance with the universal principles, so that we create a world of peace.

13 Sep, 2019

2 thoughts on “A problem of trust

  1. My sense of trust was warped by a childhood of brainwashing and conditioning. I was forced to trust people that weren’t very trustworthy, so I ended up not knowing who to trust and not trusting my instincts.

    This has led me into a life where I have felt lost and been used and abused by so many people, when I should have known better but didn’t know anything different.

    The term I have come up with is ‘you live what you know’ which makes perfect sense under the circumstances! Now, I’m just trying to figure out how to live my own life under my own terms and finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, all this is a learning curve. I’m not sure as children we really understand how to play things, or what trust means.

      We grow up knowing our circumstances and don’t stop to question things, until we begin to question things, particularly around our struggles. Although it’s hard for us to shape our lives, through the other end we can come out more grounded individuals.

      I think we need to continue to understand our experiences, think about those and work through our feelings. I also think we have to separate the person from the deed, and try to understand why that person would make the decision they make.

      It is a learning curve that’s well worth the effort. I know that because it is exactly what I have done.

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