A simpler existence

It’s hard to imagine life in the slow lane given our busy lives, but it needs to happen, if we are to lead a simple existence. A life homing in on the simple more harmonious things, will help us to cut down on stress.

When we learn to slow down, we will feel happier and more relaxed in ourselves. As we begin to feel we’re slowing down, we’ll begin to engage more with the right people and will start to connect more with our emotions.

A simpler existence will not only make us more interested, but will make us more interesting too. It will allow us to look at and notice the smaller things, the things we didn’t notice before.

A simpler existence brings us closer to the core, so we can see our flaws, our faults and our strengths, which will no longer be hidden beneath the layers of distraction, clutter and the junk we accumulate over the years. The more we simplify our lives, the easier it is to peel back the layers, the easier it is to connect with ourselves.

The following tips should help us slow down:


By bringing clarity into our lives we begin to see what and who is important. Clarity helps us to see and understand our experiences better. We will also have more time to explore further possibilities.


Having gratitude helps us improve our health and wellbeing. Simplifying our life, means we take out the inessentials. Generally, we have a lot in our lives that allow us to have gratitude, but it’s often difficult to see that when we’re dealing with stress and stressful situations.


Physically we are surrounded by clutter. Our homes are filled with clutter. When we take away some of the material clutter, we will begin to surround ourselves with people, instead of things.

Generosity, empathy and patience

When we realise we need less than we have, we have more to give. Embracing simplicity means we will make intelligible decisions about how we can best serve our lives and help others who need our help. Empathy, patience and generosity, incorporate all that we come to expect from living the simple life.


When we manage a simpler life, we become physically healthier, because we automatically become more mindful of the important things. When we’re more mindful we bring awareness to all aspects of our life.

When we simplify, we bring about an emotional awareness and that helps us also simplify the mind, body and soul. An awareness that is synonymous with a simple existence.

26 Mar, 2016

6 thoughts on “A simpler existence

  1. It would be nice to leave the rat race behind and declutter on a desert island, somewhere we can live a more wholesome life without television, the internet and mobile phones and all the things people think is important but that doesn’t really matter.

    As that isn’t going to happen any time soon, the best we can do is to take stock and try to achieve some of your good suggestions.

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure how practical that would be but it sounds lovely though. Just what the doctor ordered! I took stock a few years ago and continue to implement my suggestions and I believe they work.

      We all must do the same though, if we are to live together in harmony and with each other.

  2. Thank you Ilana! This is a perfect reminder for us all!! We all really do need to slow down.

    For some reason, it seems the state of California is a fast pace of living. I don’t know why. Except maybe how populated this place is after living in the Midwest, where it was more simpler and not so complicated.

    Regardless of where we’re from, we all need to slow down.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes your last sentence I am sure will resonate with quite a few of us. If we want a more peaceful and tranquil life I believe we must.

      Not slowing down also means we will fail to look at the little things, like the flowers, the trees, animals. All the things that potentially can help us look at ourselves and how we can live our lives differently.

  3. Personally I have come to prefer a simpler life, since most of my life was beyond chaotic! People would probably say that my life is pretty boring, but compared to the alternative, I’ll take it.

    I grew up in a world like on the show ‘Shameless’ which meant it was extremely dysfunctional to put it mildly! I have kind of gotten used to having a fair amount of stability in my life, where I never really had it before.

    I have actually been working on the suggestions you mentioned above which have changed my life for the better. I don’t have to live the way I always did even though it was what I am used to!

    1. I’m pleased you’re living a more simple life. I think more of us should and agree with you Randy. We don’t have to live the way we always have just because we’re used to it.

      We can choose to change, to make a difference, to live a different life. Like you, I have choose the more simplistic route and am pleased I have.

      Boring to many, it’s not boring to me and I’m sure it’s not boring to you. It becomes a more peaceful existence in the longer term.

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