ABC’s of life

ABC’s of life

(New Year thoughts)

“Accept differences, Be kind,

Count your blessings,

Dream, Express thanks, Forgive,

Give freely, Harm no one,

Imagine more, Jettison anger,

Keep confidences, Love truly,

Master something, Nurture hope,

Open your mind, Pack lightly, Quell rumors,

Reciprocate, Seek wisdom,

Touch hearts, Understand,

Value truth, Win graciously,

Xeriscape, Yearn for peace,

Zealously support a worthy cause.”


30 Dec, 2015

4 thoughts on “ABC’s of life

  1. This is a beautifully written, poignant post! It would be real nice if people read this and actually followed the rules.

    Perhaps we should seek a relationship with something outside ourselves to achieve the ABC’s of life.

    1. I believe we need too, must if we’re going to change for the better as individuals. In reality I’m not sure it will happen.

      Only a select few will manage to follow these ABC’s rules.

  2. What a wonderful place the world would be if we all learned to live by these ABCs. Even living by one, would be an improvement for many people!

    1. Thank you. Yes I couldn’t agree more. It’s very sad that people choose not to live by these rules.

      I couldn’t imagine my life without these rules. I certainly couldn’t write for the diary in the way I do without any moral compass and that’s what this poem is all about.

      The ABC poem serves to give us clarity, definition in a not so moral world and allows us to search deeper into what the meanings of our lives should be.

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