About Manuka honey

Honey has always been known for its amazing antibacterial properties and is a health food in its own right.

It is becoming increasingly well known for its health benefits. Honey originates from New Zealand and is known as a mono-flower honey. It has many healing properties. Although Manuka honey has been around for quite a while, its medicinal properties are only now just being understood.

Having been interested in nutrition for many years, I was always aware of some of the benefits of honey, but not completely aware of all its benefits. It makes for interesting reading.

Its properties

All honey contains antibacterial properties, but Manuka honey is slightly more special and contains more antibacterial properties than any other honey. The antibacterial values of this particular honey is not affected by light, heat or storage which means that the healing properties of this honey can be preserved, then bottled and shipped around the world, without losing its antibacterial strength.

Its benefits

There are claims that Manuka honey helps disorders including reflux; a cough; sore throat; sinus infections; heartburn; IBS and diverticulitis. There is also a claim that it can help with hay fever too. Having used it for reflux and seen a difference, I would happily recommend it.

My general philosophy has always been that if we don’t try something we’ll never know whether it can work and if we try something and it doesn’t work; then at least we tried. Not only will we have tried, but it may go some way to make a difference and that’s always beneficial.

20 Jun, 2011

6 thoughts on “About Manuka honey

    1. Although it’s sweet tasting, I know one or two people like yourself who don’t each much of it. It’s something we either like or dislike.

      I like the fact that it heals and has made a big difference to my health, so I will continue. Thanks for posting Randy.

      1. It is very good for one’s health. My father swears by it.

        I just have not got into the habit of having honey in the morning. I should.

  1. Honey is one of the best foods you can eat. I haven’t heard of Manuka honey before.

    I do know that the processed honey found in supermarkets isn’t the good kind because it is processed. To get the best benefits from honey it should be raw, unprocessed honey… and the harder the honey the better; because according to the book I have enttitled “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth” “the strength of hardness determines the level of live-state nutrients and heat-sensitive enzymes.”

    Raw honey doesn’t spoil unless of coarse it is left exposed to air. I love honey on toast with peanut butter almost anytime of day. Great post and information.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree. Manuka honey has many healing properties with scientific evidence to suggest that it is good for us.

      Now a good reason for us to eat something sweet without feeling guilty. I like your eating suggestion too.

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