Accepting ourselves

I have written a blog, but not in great detail about how we are not always accepting of ourselves because others are less than accepting of us. It could be because of a disability, or other things we may have to deal with.

If life teaches us one thing, it’s that we can’t always change what we deal with and that sometimes we have to learn to accept our circumstances and ourselves, so that we can live our lives without DIS-EASE.

Disease comes through us being uneasy with ourselves. Although it’s not always easy, it’s not impossible. It really is a mindset thing. Think positively about yourself and those positive thoughts will replicate in your life and around you.

31 Jul, 2010

4 thoughts on “Accepting ourselves

  1. I’ve learned this time and time again. Unfortunately I’ve had to learn this the hard way, but I do agree with what you are saying.

    While acceptance is difficult, it is necessary and important for one’s well being.

  2. Yes acceptance is necessary for one’s well being. It has been well documented that there is a definite correlation between the two… unease = DIS-EASE.

  3. I think being negative causes negativity in our lives. That’s why I try to stay positive most of the time.

    It does cause DIS-EASE. Our thoughts can cause those bad health problems we encounter.

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