Acid reflux cont.d

I’d like to do a blog that outlines some of the remedies available to help people like me, who suffer with acid reflux.

The first thing to work on to stop acid reflux is to limit stress, because stress makes acid reflux worse. Other lifestyle measures I would suggest are:

  • Avoid foods that you know make acid reflux worse and if you’re not sure, work out what you think you feel worse with. Known foods that can interfere with reflux problems are wheat and dairy;
  • Try eating smaller but more frequent snack type meals;
  • If you cannot manage smaller snack meals make sure you have more of your meal at lunch time and avoid eating past 6 o’clock;
  • Lying down to sleep can bring reflux problems, so if you think you’re struggling, try sleeping with your pillow slightly raised.

There are alternative supplements out there on the market that help with reflux. I take acidophilus that puts the good bugs back into the gut. This together with a digestive enzyme can be taken before meals.

Going back to the culprit foods, it may be a good idea to keep track of what foods you eat that make your reflux worse. Although wheat and dairy are known allergens, fatty foods, oats (that include gluten) and other foods or beverages may also make reflux worse.

It may be helpful to introduce fibre into the diet and try to eat a minimum of 40 grams a day, together with whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Try avoiding alcohol and smoking cigarettes and drink plenty of fluids.

L-glutamine and Slippery Elm can help heal an irritated digestive tract. Eat smaller amounts of food and chew food thoroughly so that it is completely chewed before swallowing.

Antacids can be taken for reflux problems, because they help neutralise stomach acid, but repeated use of antacids may in the longer term reduce the amount of production of stomach acid, which will give rise to a new set of problems, therefore it may benefit to look at other options.

Relaxation techniques, meditation and Homeopathy may also help. When I’m struggling with reflux I take Homeopathy.

14 Mar, 2011

5 thoughts on “Acid reflux cont.d

  1. Thanks for that. Looks good, sensible advice.

    We should all be aware of what triggers reflux/indigestion in ourselves and having a few tips and remedies like the ones you have suggested could really help.

    1. Yes absolutely. Even if people don’t have reflux problems, they may have sensitivities to certain foods.

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