Addressing our past

Instead of us constantly talking about our past, we need to change the way we think about it. We need to be okay with our past.

We can’t change what’s already done, we can’t right a wrong in that way, but we can create a new thought process that helps us understand our past and move on.

However, we get to address our past, it’s important we’re not constantly reliving our experiences, getting upset, or making ourselves ill. What’s done is done.

23 Jul, 2016

4 thoughts on “Addressing our past

  1. I agree completely. While our pasts have sculpted us; we mustn’t live there but use our past experiences to learn from and change what we need to. Otherwise there seems little point in having those experiences in the first place.

    As you rightly say, that way we don’t have to relive that negativity; but actively do some thing about it and that puts us where we should be, in control of our present.

    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. If more of us understood the need for us to address our feelings, we’d be much better placed to deal with our issues.

      It took me a while to get that too, but once the connection is made it’s much easier to remedy.

  2. Our past will never let us separate ourselves from it until we address it fully, and even then it will remain a mystery.

    But we were born in mystery and we’ll probably die that way too.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right we will never be able to separate ourselves from our past until we deal with any past issues.

      There will always be mystery surrounding our birth and the lives we’ve had before, but in terms of our now experiences, as long as we’re in control over those, we should have more closure and less mystery surrounding those experiences.

      The sad reality for many of us of course, is that we will struggle to come to terms with our past enough to deal with it; emotionally we’re never settled and how we got to that place will always remain a mystery to us.

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