Admitting our guilt

There would be no need for us to feel guilty, unless of course we’ve got something to feel guilty about and if we’ve got something to feel guilty about, then we should deal with it.

For those of us who carry guilt or choose to live in denial over guilt, it’s time for us soul search and deal with our guilt. Some of us may think not being in a good head space, somehow cancels out guilt, but it’s not how the universe works.

No matter how much of a bad head space we’re in or what we deal with, there is no excuse for ignoring what’s been asked of us, or doing things that the universe would never agree to. If someone asks for help, no matter what that help is, it’s not someone else’s problem.

It’s important we recognise our actions and what we’ve done, instead of making it someone else’s problem. The person we have wronged will know; the universe will also know. It’s not something we can easily avoid; our conscious will always know.

It doesn’t make what you’ve done right, just because you choose to live in denial, or live in ignorance. It may seem easier to ignore, but long term these things never are, particularly as you’re dealing with your conscience and that never gives in, or up.

18 May, 2017

2 thoughts on “Admitting our guilt

  1. At the end of the day we are responsible for our actions and the universe has a habit of ensuring that they come back to bite us.

    The lesson is for us to own up to those actions and learn from them, so we become better people.

  2. Thank you. Yes, you’re right we are responsible for our actions, but not everyone will accept that.

    My experiences continue to show that. The sad reality though, is that more of us would connect better if we did take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

    Not everyone is interested in their own lessons, but would be quick to pass the buck, to point out someone else’s flaws.

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