Adversity & resilience

When we come to deal with and overcome adversity, we can start to build resilience and strength of character. All challenges and difficulties we confront and overcome, serve to strengthen our confidence and ability to conquer future difficulties.

It is only when we come to respond positively to some of our biggest challenges that we find the strength, perseverance and courage to dig deep. Although adversity challenges us in different ways, it is our ability to endure and bounce back from our struggles that create emotional resilience for us to compete in our world.

27 Jun, 2016

4 thoughts on “Adversity & resilience

  1. I didn’t have a choice as a child when I was forced to deal with adversity!

    My parents put us through hell and none of us came out unscathed. All four of us survived together, but now we have drifted apart and I don’t see us being close again anytime soon. I was naturally resilient being a child, but even that has it’s limits, which I was pushed so far beyond.

    People like to say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ but I think I would have rather not go through what I did if I would have had a choice. They basically threw us to the wolves and expected us to survive which wasn’t fair on so many levels.

    I would much rather avoid any more adversity to have a chance to enjoy the rest of my life since I do have a choice,now!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it’s always good to avoid having to work through adversity.

      It’s so hard when families and siblings have to work through adversity. I’m sorry that those have been your experiences. No child should have to experience those things.

      I agree that adversity can make us stronger and more resilient. In my own experiences I believe that to be true.

  2. I think we can learn through challenges and adversity, but because there are so many variables; the outcome isn’t always a positive one.

    It starts with us though and a positive attitude and strong mind go a long way, but its not a given by any means.

    1. Thanks. I agree, yes of course. If we do our best and know we couldn’t do anything differently to change an outcome, in a way it makes that outcome more acceptable, but still not what we would want.

      A positive attitude and a strong mind go a long way to allow for the outcome we want, you’re right but that if the outcome isn’t what we want, a positive attitude will help with resilience.

      I do think we need to be able to bounce back and a positive attitude and strong mind both help with that.

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