When life seems to be an emotional struggle think about using affirmations. Affirmations usually help me focus and bring some form of clarity into what I’m dealing with. Affirmations play a pivotal part in helping the subconscious mind, retrain the way the conscious mind thinks.

Affirmations need to resonate with what we’re dealing with. For example, if you lack confidence your affirmations should include mantras associated with confidence, so that eventually you will begin to feel and see yourself as being confident.

Always make a note of what you would like to change in yourself. It’s important that your affirmations reflect ‘you;’ otherwise they’re less likely to work. It’s also important that our thoughts reflect our emotions on how we feel at the time. Always make sure your affirmations are positive.

‘Always refer to what you do want; for example, I am going to be positive;’ or ‘I am always positive.’

Affirmations have to be written in the present tense. The subconscious mind only articulates what you tell it. It cannot work out something that hasn’t yet happened.

We all retain information differently, so however you retain information, that will be the best way of making affirmations work for you. If you find you retain information better visually, then writing affirmations out will probably work well for you.

Other people may retain information better by hearing, so recording affirmations on to a tape would work better for them. Positive thinking audio programmes may also help. A culmination of both these may work for some people.

The key is to know or find what works for you, then stick to the winning formula. I have also found that the more you believe; the more you open your mind to the possibilities that affirmations work.

12 Nov, 2011

4 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. Great post and information. The key here is to do them!

    I’m still working on my daughter, to get her working on doing some affirmations. I think they will help her tremendously.

    I probably should do some myself for anxiety.

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