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Insomnia is possibly something many of us deal with, including myself. So how do we know if we have insomnia and what are the problems associated with having it? We know we have it when we have difficulties getting to sleep, staying asleep or having enough quality sleep; despite having ample opportunity to sleep.

Insomnia may lead to problems with our well-being, which can have a knock on effect on our performance the next day. Sleep patterns for insomnia are different for many of us. In my particular case, I have no trouble getting to sleep, but then I may wake in the early hours, when I can be awake for an hour and a half, until sleep finds me again.

We all have and deal with stress. Personally, I try to sort out stress during the day, so there’s nothing on my mind before I turn in for the night. Before the day is out, what I’ve had to deal with usually gets sorted out; but it’s easy to get caught out.

For other people it may be different of course. People with depression may struggle with sleep, as are those people whose physical illness, causes them pain. Work worries may also contribute to insomnia, as can drinking too much caffeine and alcohol. People who take medication for health reasons may also have problems with insomnia.

The long-term problems for those of us living with insomnia are poor concentration and a general inability to be able to cope. Insomnia could also be linked to immune problems, because the less we sleep the harder our immune system has to work to cope, with the lack of sleep. Sleep problems may also contribute to heart problems.

There are conventional medications on the market that help with insomnia. Anything that is induced is forced and that in my mind, may bring other problems.

27 May, 2011

4 thoughts on “About Insomnia

  1. I’ve had sleep problems for a while now and have used conventional medication, but after a while they didn’t work, so I quit taking them. I’m just dealing with it now until I find something that works.

    I had a sleep study to see if I had sleep apnea but all it showed was “P” waves which stand for pain. So I’m having pain when I sleep and it’s waking me, but I don’t want to take anymore medications than I have to.

    Now I’m in a pattern of waking up at 2.00 am for a few minutes and going right back to sleep but it’s getting old with me and I think it’s affecting me during the day.

    I still get sleepy at work and tend to dose off when I’m writing my notes on my breaks. I think I have a form of ADD cause caffeine tends to make me sleepy and medications work the opposite of how they are supposed to work like Adderall for ADD should wake me up, but instead it makes me slow down and sleepy and people with ADD have that type of reaction.

    I need to switch to some kind of natural remedy but don’t know which one to use. I need one that will help me sleep and one that keeps me alert during the day.

    1. I know how hard it is not to sleep! From what I know there are many alternative supplements and herbal remedies that help with sleep.

      Passiflora is a herbal remedy that is used to aid sleep. If sleep problems stem from depression St Johns Wort is used as an alternative to conventional medication, for those who don’t want to go down the conventional route.

  2. When I was working if I did not solve a problem or there was something on my mind I would have this problem.

    I once was so wired from work in my early days, I couldn’t turn my mind off at night because I had too much to deal with. Now that I am retired I can sleep better most nights, but there are times that I still have this problem.

    1. What we deal with during our day as you say has an effect on how we sleep at night. I am pleased for you that you manage to sleep better now than you did.

      I hope that continues for you.

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