An awakening

An awakening is when you become aware of something, you make a connection for the first time, a realisation, a recognition.

If and when you have an awakening, you know it’s there. It may not be something you experience personally, it can be something someone else tells you about, something you come to understand yourself.

It’s something you come to know about intuitively. It’s a process where your eyes are opened after having had them shut for so long. It’s also a process where you can see things for the first time that you couldn’t or didn’t see, or something you were avoiding that needed to be addressed.

Through an awakening, you experience life and the people in your lives in a totally different way. For the first time you’re looking at people without rose-coloured spectacles and that can feel overwhelming.

It’s when you start looking at something in the whole, like the colours of the flowers, or you notice the birds singing for the very first time. Noticing and seeing people’s true colours can be such an awakening.

It’s a new energy, working on a higher frequency, also described as ‘hypersensitive’ it is a frequency that incorporates intuitive, empathetic and compassionate tendencies, a realisation that can be quite refreshing, but in others can be overwhelming. For those who are hypersensitive, of a higher frequency, they will continue to move forward in a unique, heart-centred way, putting and thinking about others. It is an important change we must learn to embrace.

It’s a change easy to resist but resisting causes pressure to build and that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Working on a higher frequency takes practice but the more you deal with how you feel, the less overwhelmed you will be.

27 Jan, 2020

2 thoughts on “An awakening

  1. Following and understanding how to use our intuition is difficult to do. Every now and again something comes to me, but I could do with using it more often.

    It doesn’t always come to me when I need it.

    1. Thanks. Yes, as you say it’s difficult to do, but with practice it does get easier.

      I know from experience, the easier it gets the more frequently you will use it. You won’t want to be without it.

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