Anger Management

Anger is as a result of feeling blocked, a frustration that arises often out of desperation. It is a defensive response to underlying feelings or fear, around vulnerability and a certain powerlessness to be able to help ourselves.

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic programme that helps, prevent and control anger. When it comes to anger management programmes, those running the course consider anger to be the motivator, caused by reasons which can be logically analysed and, in many cases, can be worked out.

When anyone enters into anger management, they go through the process of learning to recognise the signs of anger, taking action so they can calm down and deal with their situation in a productive way. Anger management doesn’t encourage us to hold anger in, not does it try to keep us from feeling angry.

Anger is a normal reaction, in certain cases a healthy emotion when we know how to express anger appropriately, anger management teaches us how to do this. It is possible for us to learn anger management skills on our own, through books or other resources.

But the most effective approaches are anger management classes or seeing a mental health professional. For anyone with anger issues, it is a good idea to talk to someone, and/or seek professional help.

8 Sep, 2020

2 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. For health reasons I try to suppress my anger when I feel it coming, you’ll never see it in daylight. But by suppressing my anger I probably do more harm than good.

    Whichever way we turn, life is a moment to moment struggle, so we need to manage anger from a different view. Your site is very helpful in that regard.

    1. Thanks Tim. You have already suggested the way you handle anger is hurting you emotionally and physically. It would be good to change that.

      All anger we hold close makes for an uncertain future, but the anger we feel isn’t unique, the way we handle anger also isn’t unique. But there are only two ways to let it out, you either suppress it, or you vent it out.

      As a child I was angry, more angry than I care to remember, but as ‘my story’ explains my anger was never about me, or mine to own. I could never contain it. I didn’t suppress it and that was good for me, not so good for everyone else. It is the healthiest way to let go of anger.

      My website is my go to place. Having thought about my disability overnight, my words, my blogs and being able to express myself in the way I do through my writing are the only normal part of me.

      Seriously, away from my website, I very much deal with my disability full on. Hard for me to say because it’s been a long time in the making and coming, but something my family must reconcile.

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