Animal welfare

We should all be concerned about animal welfare. In a cultured and civilised society, it is our responsibility to ensure that their needs are met. I am a passionate advocate for animal welfare. All children should learn about animal values and animal welfare early on in their education.

I remember being taught about the food chain in school but was never encouraged to think about what that really meant in every day life, what that meant for animals, or how we could make a difference to animal welfare.

Animal welfare, animal wellbeing and animal rights need to be a top priority for us all and I am delighted that this is becoming an increasingly important issue.

Animals are as much an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystem as we humans. Each organism an individual animal, plant or single-celled life form contribute and play a supporting role in the ecological community.

An ecosystem is a community of both non-living and living organisms which work together. Each organism depends on the other organisms in the ecosystem to play its role. Plants, forests, soils and all vertebrates and invertebrates are inextricably interconnected.

It is our duty to make sure we continue to work towards supporting the ecosystem. We must want to make a difference and want to care for all animals, and because they are part of the ecosystem. Humans are part of that system too. Without animals the world is a less safe place for us also.

We must think about what we put into our mouths and what eating animals means. We must all be more pro-active when it comes to animal welfare and if we still choose to eat meat, then we must ask questions about the origins of our food.

There is a general consensus that eating red meat is harmful. It is full of saturated fats, which can lead to heart disease, strokes and some cancers. These diseases should be a good enough reason to reconsider what animal foods we eat, not only for animal welfare reasons but for our own good personal health.

The more we think about and put animals first, the more our lives will take shape. As part of the eco-system, we need animals to survive, because their survival has a knock on effect on our own survival.

Source: The World,

4 Nov, 2018

2 thoughts on “Animal welfare

  1. It is about time we as a society had compassion in farming, and I am pleased that slowly there is a growing movement towards increasing the awareness of animal welfare in our foods.

    I can completely understand anyone who chooses not to eat meat on welfare grounds alone.

    1. Thank you. I think so too. Yes, we’re are all part of the ecosystem, so what affects animals will sooner or later affect our lives too.

      It is important we all act on what we know and put animals first before it’s too late. The wildlife population is decreasing and that’s down to us as humans.

      We all must do more before it’s too late, both in the wider world to help wildlife that is rapidly decreasing and animal welfare in farming also.

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