Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

Success doesn’t replace trauma. Neither does it mend your growing up struggles and things can become overwhelming when we least expect. Situations can change quickly, but situations that continue, can seem like they last a lifetime.

When things feel overwhelmed it is easier to do nothing. Mentally we may not react well to change and then nothing will change. It is when things feel overwhelming that we need to act.

It is important to remember that feeling overwhelmed is a breakdown of thoughts that come together, not a breakdown of life, that as feelings come, they will go, and they invariably do.

Covid-19 life is continually overwhelming. It’s natural to feel a build-up of emotions, to feel anxiety, to feel out of control. We need to want to feel safe and secure and when those things are compromised, we can feel overwhelmed. When feeling overwhelmed happens, it is important not to ignore it, or reject it.

Don’t judge yourself for feeling it. Instead, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stand back and think about how you feel, and why you might be feeling overwhelmed. We learn too late about anxiety and being overwhelmed because we don’t understand that our emotions are already impaired.

I used to have to keep myself busy, so bad thoughts didn’t go into over-drive. It took years to understand the best way to stop that from happening was being proactive.

26 Jun, 2021

2 thoughts on “Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

  1. Any trauma can leave you feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed, as you leave all sense of security.

    For our generation to live in a pandemic is unprecedented and was unimaginable only 18 months ago, so this must be even more difficult when you also have to deal with autism on a daily basis.

    I think it is okay to feel like this and this is a normal and natural response, no doubt heightened through a more intense emotional response.

    Living through the pandemic is challenging but reading your posts and blogging here helps.

    1. When you’re looking at trauma that has been lived, but never resolved around a disability, it’s is extremely difficult.

      Living with the pandemic has sent my anxiety into overdrive and couple that with autism, it’s impossible. For every reason I tell myself I can do something, I’ve already given myself ten reasons why I can’t.

      Coming to terms with a pandemic is impossible when you’re continually dealing with anxiety and autism. A hopeless situation.

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