Anxiety & impulsiveness

We’re impulsive. We know what we want and won’t wait. There’s nothing wrong with being impulsive, if being impulsive or spontaneous brings the right response to a situation that we want and we’re happy with, but being impulsive can bring about anxiety and can make us stressed.

In some cases, being impulsive may even put us is danger, if we’ve not thought the situation through first. Being impulsive changes us and changes the way we see and view the world. Although it’s not always considered a negative character trait, it is considered negative when it’s tied to anxiety.

Being impulsive may also become a problem, if it begins to take control and goes beyond our conscious thinking. Being impulsive is a symptom of anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety can make a person more impulsive because of the desperate measures they make take, to rid themselves of the symptoms associated with the condition.

Being desperate will always bring about poor decision-making as the brain goes into overdrive it doesn’t matter what the decision is. When being impulsive takes control over the way you feel and deal with or ask for help, it’s time to get help.

Looking at our lifestyle is the key and can play a part in how we get to deal with anxiety. Incorporating a healthier, less stressful lifestyle with all the health benefits, will add to us having less anxiety to deal with.

It stands to reason that coping with less stress, means that we’re more likely to deal with anxiety better, if and when we begin to feel anxious.

7 Jun, 2016

6 thoughts on “Anxiety & impulsiveness

  1. Anxiety never really gives me a break, only death can do that. So I try to change my way of thinking and breathing, even when I’m a little frightened sometimes.

  2. Oh, I’m very okay Ilana. Anxiety comes with the territory for almost everyone; it’s one of those things we all share.

  3. Both of these have caused a great deal of chaos and insanity in my life, but if that’s what you’ve always known, it’s no wonder.

    Part of me misses that at times, but the rational part of me knows that I don’t need to live that way anymore. I don’t have to draw on all that negative energy for the fuel to survive, when it burns me out in the long run!

    I was reminded of that over the past few days when I watched somebody causing a lot of that chaos and getting very excited about it. This is why that person bothers me so much considering he reminds me so much of the person I used to be. I didn’t like myself when I behaved that way and I still don’t like it now!

    Most of the problems in my life have been from being impulsive, rather than logically considering what my actions could cause. Every lesson I have had to learn has been the hardest way possible, when there were obviously better ways to get things done. We live in a world of instant gratification, which I fell into thinking was normal, when it isn’t how the real world works!

    My anxiety has usually been about not getting what I wanted, when it was very childish to be expecting things to be just handed to me. Some things do take work and don’t happen overnight. I have spent most of my life running from those mistakes I made and I’m exhausted from running.

    I need to be able to stand my ground and finally deal with the demons that have haunted me for so long so that I can finally ‘live.’

    1. Although our formative years are spent emulating our parents, we either continue to emulate those personality traits or we consciously choose to change them.

      If our parents live with anxiety and impulsive tendencies, the odds are we will too, but I don’t believe anyone has to continue to live a life they don’t want to live. They just have to want to change their life.

      I think a lot of my inner thoughts saved me having to deal with anxiety and being impulsive, but I did have other things that I had to deal with. I believe that being aware is the first step to change.

      From a lot of your responses Randy, you’re absolutely aware of your parents inability to parent and emotionally support you, which probably contributed to you dealing with anxiety and being impulsive.

      Perhaps now is the time to make some of the changes you need to make. I believe you can.

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