Are we ever prepared?

We can prepare ourselves for a forthcoming exam, we can prepare ourselves for school, we can even prepare ourselves for an interview, but when we look at everything that happens in our lives, are we ever really prepared?

I was never prepared for life in the true sense. Without the support it was impossible. I’ve had to do all the preparatory work myself. If I couldn’t see a way through an issue, I would have to find a way. If I needed an answer I had to intuitively look for the answer.

I look for a resolve and I don’t give up. Not having support or the guidance prepared me to go it alone. It was either sink or swim. It wasn’t easy, but it did help me understand that if the help wasn’t forthcoming, I had to work on and help myself.

I don’t think any of us can be or will be fully prepared for what life hands out, but near enough has to be good enough.

30 Jun, 2014

6 thoughts on “Are we ever prepared?

  1. I don’t think I was ever prepared myself. My parents main concern was keeping me safe and hidden from life, so I got out and found the answers for myself. Of course everyone thought I was being rebellious but no one showed me the way so I had to find out some how.

    I still don’t think I’m prepared now. I wasn’t really prepared to lose both of my parents so soon. I’m finding ways to get through it though. I wasn’t prepared for a child that I couldn’t prepare for life, but she is out there finding out things for herself. I’m very proud of how she is finally taking charge of her life.

    There are things that our parents can’t prepare us for like a divorce or an abusive spouse. We just have to learn for ourselves how to get through these issues.

    1. It’s great Lisa that you had the foresight to prepare yourself, even if others thought you were being rebellious. It’s just sad that your parents’ didn’t also have the foresight to help prepare you for life and what you had to deal with.

      I believe we have more chance of being prepared if our parents’ use their experiences as a tool to help us. I didn’t come from divorced parents’ but I understood all the problems associated with a divorce from my own upbringing.

      Sometimes our experiences are enough to show us how to prepare for our lives. I know mine did.

  2. I have always made my own decisions, so in a way I never really found preparing for ‘life’ something that I thought about. When I look back I certainly never got any parental input, so I kind of prepared myself through making decisions, learning, making mistakes and just getting on with things.

    I certainly would be a very different person had I received the ‘input’ my siblings got. Thankfully I was too much of a handful, so my parents never bothered parenting me at all.

    1. Although you clearly benefited from not being parented, your circumstances were far from ideal. Your parents non-parenting may have had a worse outcome for you.

      I am pleased everything turned out positively for you. Given what you’ve said about your siblings, I am sure that if you had have been parented your life will have turned out completely differently.

      Sometimes things happen for the better. In your experience it seems it has.

  3. While we’re preparing ourselves for life we’re actually preparing ourselves for death at the same time; they intertwine.

    I prepare myself for life by yielding to its madness and respecting its beauty. Whatever master preparations we have for life, its conclusion is always swift and predictable.

    1. Thanks Tim. I am not sure how many of us will ever equate the meaning of life in that way, but you’re right as we live our life and age we unconsciously will also be preparing for death.

      I am not sure how much of life’s conclusions are predictable. I personally believe certain situations are more predictable than others, that some circumstances will become more obvious to us over a period of time.

      Life and our view on life is different for everyone. Some of us will understand life more than others. You show a great understanding of life and I’m pleased about that.

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