At peace

We would have to live on a desert island to have peace, with no access to what’s going on in the world around us, to have peace. Yes, life doesn’t work like that, but us changing certain thoughts, means we can work towards having a little peace.

For us to do that, it is important we think about our emotional energy. We need to learn, to know that our surroundings and conditions respond to our vibration, or energetic field. Our vibration is based on what we think and feel. We call the shots on how we feel.

We’re not in control of other people, or circumstances beyond our control. We can only control our response. It is stressful when we feel we must have control over other people.

Instead of letting your conditions influence your mood, let your mood influence your conditions. Direct your focus in the direction you want your focus to go. Although our physical senses pick up on what’s happening around us, we must acknowledge what is happening in our reality.

We can’t always stop what’s happening around us, instead we must use our time to focus on finding a solution, so that we stop focusing on our problems all the time. When it comes to another person’s behaviour, we can’t control how they will respond, instead we hope they will do right by us.

It’s not always how others will work, we must choose to see a higher perspective. We can do that by maintaining our connection with the universe and understanding the forces at play and the bigger plan for us.

20 Oct, 2019

2 thoughts on “At peace

  1. I don’t remember where I read it, but this post reminded me that true happiness is an inner quality.

    It is a state of mind and if your mind is at peace, you are happy. So first we must find peace and that’s not so easy, but your post helps our understanding of what we can and can’t control in our attempts to find peace.

    1. Thank you that is kind. You’re right everything starts from within us and peace is a state of mind. I believe we can train ourselves to begin to think differently about what we deal with.

      It is important we think about and change our lifestyles also. The more simple life we live, the more peace we will find.

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