Back again

My thoughts are back with me again. As I walk around Harlow Carr Gardens, I know that I am going to have to slow down so that I can complete the parameters of the garden. It’s another gentle reminder that I have Cerebral Palsy and that’s what I deal with.

Daniel made it easy for me today. He asked me if I was okay, as we walked around the grounds. It’s lovely when we get to see the caring side. As we finished walking around the gardens, he finished taking photographs and we then went for a bite to eat in the Garden tea rooms.

We then headed for the bookshop, then Daniel drove home. It was lovely that Daniel remarked that he had such a lovely time, I did too.

4 Jul, 2010

4 thoughts on “Back again

  1. That was so good for you. I’m glad you had a good time and a nice walk. Hope your spirits are greatly lifted.

    I remember as a child being ignored and I’m still ignored. No “how are you today?” “can I do something for you?” no nothing. My daughter stays concerned for me but the other important person doesn’t act like he gives a rip. But I do have Sarah. Our children are precious to us and you can tell how they were raised by their actions. Daniel seems like a nice young man and caring for you like this is so sweet of him.

    I bet it was beautiful at the gardens. I wish we had a place similar to that to walk around. We have a track to walk on but no gardens. I think If you’re walking and surrounded by beautiful things it would lift the spirit so greatly. This would help a lot with depression. You’re getting your exercise and you get to be around something that can lift the spirit. Plus having someone with you also helps lift the spirit. Lisa

    1. Lisa we cannot change our past, that has gone, hopefully dead and buried enough not to hurt us, but we can change what we do from here. We cannot change the people we share our lives with either, they have to want to do that, but we can change ourselves so that we deal with our lives in more positive and productive ways.

      You are right about the gardens being so beautiful, they were, but the realities of what we deal with are so far removed from what we see in front of us sometimes.

  2. Reading this I miss the one on one times I had with my mother. They were special because she never tried to judge me. She always tried to understand what I was going through. We were close and I was so blessed to have her as my Mother. Above all she always tried to protect me from other people hurting me by the way they talked to me or looked at me. That was not always possible in some cases she overprotected me from the outside world. But I understand now why she did what she did. SHE DID IT OUT OF LOVE FOR ME.

    1. Randy such beautiful and wonderful memories you have of your mother… you were lucky to have had her. I am sure her positivity helped you in many ways growing up.

      Although being overprotected can also bring with it difficulties, I am sure with all that your mother did, that would have disappeared into the background for the most part. I am pleased you had the relationship you did.

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