Bad habits

Anything we repeat in succession or go back to and then continue to repeat is a bad habit. Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns that we continue to play out on a daily basis, such as watching too much television, or using cell, or mobile phones.

But as habits are formed, they can be broken. It all depends on where we are emotionally and how determined we are to change our attitudes and our lifestyle. Part of the problem with a bad habit is the mindset.

Change the mindset you have control over, you change your mind and you change your habits. Think about your mindset in terms of your lifestyle and what you want or need to change and act on and upgrade your mindset so it’s not fixed on the old.

If you want to be fit and healthy, your mindset must reflect those thoughts. Change the way you do things. If you know you watch too much television, make arrangements to fill your diary more, so you’re out of the house seeing friends.

The more stressed you are, the more your bad habits will bed in. Bad habits like nail biting, bed in when we’re nervous. The more nervous we are, the more we will reach out and rely on our bad habits.

The more confident and happier we are, the more at peace we will be, the less we will rely on any bad habits. The more at peace we are, the more positive the mindset, the more we will want to kick the habit.

20 Jul, 2019

2 thoughts on “Bad habits

  1. Wow, where do I begin when thinking about my bad habits? I seem to have done well dealing with the worst of them, like drinking and doing drugs, but there are still plenty more that I need to get rid of.

    I need to work on losing weight for health reasons, but that’s hard when I keep munching on things like potato chips late at night.

    I have been trying hard to work on others like getting into toxic relationships, which I avoided doing this time. Now I need to keep with a positive mindset, so things will continue to get better for me.

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m so proud of you. Don’t underestimate what you have achieved. Brilliant.

      It takes willpower and determination to come off both and to make sure you don’t go back. They say you’re never far away from your next drink and that’s true, and which is why you must continue to work on your lifestyle.

      Lifestyle very much plays its part. I believe it is possible for everyone to turn their back on drink and drugs. We just have to want to.

      As you say it’s a bad habit, but very much well worth the effort. It’s better for you, better for your health, better for your life and better for your relationship.

      I think you’ll be a good advocate for others trying to do the same as you Randy. You’ve found your calling.

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