Be responsible, not serious

To get through life’s challenges we need to be responsible, not take ourselves too seriously and learn to lighten up.

Lightening up means changing our attitude to things so that we can react differently, becoming less serious and more detached from issues that can begin to weigh us down. Not being able to lighten up is the biggest challenge and drain on our emotions.

Once an issue is sorted, detach and let go. Be serious when you have to be. Stand back as if you’re looking at yourself and observe. Now make informed choices about what you see, how you choose to react and what you choose to hold on to.

And how we handle ourselves and deal with our emotions is also catalyst for us staying emotionally and physically well.

7 Oct, 2018

2 thoughts on “Be responsible, not serious

  1. One of the rules of ‘AA’ is not to take ourselves too seriously, which is what gets me into trouble often.

    I’m sure that is why I’m having stomach cramps right now, because my nerves are shot and I need to be able to relax at home which I’m not able to do.

    I would imagine that there is a big difference between being responsible and being serious, which I haven’t quite mastered yet. The biggest issue is not knowing when to let go of things, since I was brainwashed into thinking that I had to carry all the sins that my parents buried me under, when it wasn’t my job to be responsible for their actions.

    They also like to say in AA that we should only worry about keeping our side of the street clean, which means to not worry about taking care of other people’s problems, when they should be doing it themselves and it’s none of our business anyway.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I think both of the ‘AA’ rules are right. The AA is a place of healing, therefore it’s important you learn to concentrate on yourselves.

      The more serious we are, the less likely we are to be able to move issues away from us. Getting or being too serious can create problems, worry, emotional pain, stress and anxiety, which may lead to failure.

      When you’re going through something like AA, if you’re concentrating on others, the attention is taken away from yourself.

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